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28 March 1989
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What you can't see on the surface...

リサ(きあき): extremely self-disclosing ❃ occasionally self-destructive ❃ passionate ❃ wears her heart on her sleeve ❃ ignores societal limits frequently ❃ caring ❃ rational ❃ university student for one year ❃ unabashed japanophile ❃ culture freak ❃ linguistically gifted ❃ mathematically challenged ❃ internet addicted ❃ naturally considers all sides of a situation ❃ introspective ❃ slightly lonely ❃ somewhat bitter ❃ honest ❃ friendly (i swear!) ❃ accepting ❃ self-criticizing ❃ doesn't know what her favourite food is anymore ❃ craves mcdonald's cheeseburgers but has been on a mcd's boycott since '04 [Had a double cheeseburger in Shinjuku on 19/04/2008]❃ insomniac ❃ ex-cutter ❃ never done drugs ❃ social (read: picky) drinker ❃ occasional smoker ❃ hates television ❃ hates overcast weather ❃ loves cats ❃ loves snakes & scorpions ❃ loves plushies ❃ gets headaches with bad weather due to barometric pressure ❃ had a purebred morgan horse once (and misses him) ❃ oil-patch brat ❃ has never seen/visited the place she was born ❃ doesn't like cereal but has occasional froot-loops binges ❃ low sense of physical self-esteem ❃ likes her own personality ❃ martini fan ❃ believes her one true passion in life is jrock ❃ been a jrock fan for 7 years ❃ never seen a live (yet!) [Saw 1st Live @ Holiday Shinjuku 20/03/2008] ❃ good-natured ❃ generally happy ❃ dislikes pop-tarts ❃ pop/soda junkie ❃ dislikes coffee ❃ has size-8, tahoma-font-esque hand-printing ❃ writer & food artist ❃ needs a new cell phone ❃ loves h. naoto & sexpot reveng ❃ hates vivienne westwood ❃ is quite a sexual person
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- Attended


✖ 4/20(日) 『妃阿甦東名阪集会-東京集会-』
妃阿甦/PANIC☆ch/SectMa/Veronica/tarrot/WHITEBLACK/水樂/嚇心犯/V'ernia/DearBitch/BERLIN/SUICIDE ALI/Rugia[g]Gram
OPEN 15:00/START 15:30 ADV¥2,800/DOOR¥3,300(ドリンク代別)

✖ 4月24日(木)
問合せ:京都ARC DEUX 075-223-0389
出演アーティスト:WHITEBLACK / Madieduor / BLOOD / Lycee / ガアラ / ※セッションバンド&シークレットバンド有! [Note: Secret band was n'DooL, session band had members from Irodori and ex-members of Vierla Drain]
■ARC DEUX 20th Anniversary Event『CROWN ARC DEUX 3DAYS!』■
OPEN 16:00/START 16:30 前売券:\2,500(D別)当日券:\3,000(D別)

✖ 12/15(月) Planet CHILD Music presents「四季彩プラネタリウムVol.69」

OPEN16:00/START16:30 ADV\2,300/DOOR\2,800(D代別)
[Important Note: The secret band (which, using an educated prediction based on who was there and a couple other factors, we assume would have been Suicide Ali) never showed, and neither did Schnee~シュネ-. It was an odd night.]

IMPORTANT, Slightly-Unorthodox Note:I have lj friends; but I lose them quickly if I don't interact with them personally. My friends-list is small but very close. D: If you'd like to add me as a friend, then let's be friends! I get along with almost anybody with an open mind, and I don't bite. :D If you have AIM or MSN, drop me a line! Thanks for taking a look. :3

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acrylic nails, airu, aki, animal crackers, animals in general, antibarcodes, anything sour, bananas, beads, being a freak, being different, being loud & obnoxious, being retarded, being senseless, being stared at, booster juice, boursin cheese, breakfast, buttons, calpis drinks, cats, chains, changing my look, cheese in general, collecting odd things, cooking, cosplay, crazyass hair, creative art, culinary artistry, cute things, dessert, downtown, dressing strangely and intricately, emo haters, finger painting, food, gay friends, gazette, girls, giving oneself fake tattoos, going on government protests, graphics, group dim-sum outings, gyoza, hair, having a good time, having worldwide friends, horoscopes, horseback riding, ice cream, intense eyes, jack daniel's, japan, jazz music, jrock, jui, kai, kannon, kei, letting myself become inspired, live theatre, living recklessly, lovin', lycee, making clothing, making new words, meat, merry, metalworking, metaphors, mochi, most things japanese, motivated/driven people, mucc, music, naru, national geographic, natural talent, new ideas, non-mainstream, not giving a shit, open minds, open spaces, orange barrels, originality, partying, passion, performing arts, philosophy, piercings, poetry, popcorn, potatoes, promoting jrock, protesting school, random get-togethers, randomness, reading fanfiction, riding trains, rocking out, rp, safety pins, saggitarius, salt & vinegar chips, sexy asian men, sharpies, shiny things, shion, shopping, shopping for beads, sid, skipping class, subways, success, surprising people, sushi, tattoos, text messaging, the c-train, the extraordinary, the new & exciting, the number 3, the symbol &, travel, unplanned parties, v-kei, velgreed, video games, vidoll, visual kei, visual-kei, vodka, vulgar, wandering the city aimlessly, web design, wine, writing, yuuya, ♥、ジェイロック, アイル, ベルグリード, ロック, ヴィジュアル系, , 紫苑, 鳴